We Keep Our Victims Ready

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  1. The artist behind the performance art "We keep our victims ready" shock art. The artlike form that tends to astonish, scandalize or repel. Paul McCarthy. One of the most well known shockers known for his anti-Vietnam performances. Andres Serrana.
  2. We’re all victims, in She decides to take the chance to keep the pickup time as is, potentially The first step is simply to decide that you're ready to stop being a victim. Are you?.
  3. 7 hours ago · "We keep telling people, 'Use this kind of password, don't fall for phishing,' " she told NPR. But, she said, social media users cannot protect themselves against people with bad intentions within.
  4. Finley, along with fellow performance artists Tim Miller, Holly Hughes and John Fleck, is suing the National Endowment for the Arts over grants that were recommended, then vetoed, last year. She.
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  6. Finley's featured piece was We Keep Our Victims Ready, a hard-edged poem that blurred the dis-tinction between personal rage and detached ex-pression. She voiced frustration and anger at those who would define gender by physical attributes. Stripped to bra and underwear, she said, "My tits were not big enough," just as she took containers.
  7. 1 day ago · It’s what we keep saying about racism. And as a Black Diasporic woman, I’ve had to come to the understanding that we don’t have the time to excuse racism or sexual violence. We just don’t. And so we must continue to push back this idea of silence with our experiences, whether you are a survivor or have been a perpetrator.
  8. In , Finley was a Fellow at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania where she introduced a new work, Broken Negative Catch 23, a deeply personal reflection of her performance We Keep Our Victims Ready that had ignited the NEA controversy 23 year before.

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