Sublime Knight Elect

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  1. Jan 04,  · SCOTTISH RITE LODGE OF PERFECTION 4° Secret Master 5° Perfect Master 6° Intimate Secretary 7° Provost and Judge 8° Intendant of the Building 9° Elected Knight of the Nine 10° Illustrious Elect of the Fifteen 11° Sublime Knight Elect of the Twelve 12° Master Architect 13° Royal Arch of Solomon 14° Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime.
  2. Part 1: The Rite of Memphis () Contents: 34º Knight of Scandinavia, 35º Knight of the Temple, 36º Sublime Negociant, 37º Knight of Shota, or Sage of Truth, 38º Sublime Elect of Truth, or the Red Eagle, 39º Grand Elect of the Aeons, 40º Sage Savaiste, or Perfect Sage, 41º Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours, 42º Prince of Light, 43º Sublime Hermetic Sage, or Hermetic Philosopher.
  3. 11°Sublime Knight Elect, or Elu, of the Twelve. 12°[Grand] Master Architect. 13°Knight of the Ninth Arch, or Royal Arch of Solomon. 14°Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason, or Perfect Elu. Chapter of Rose Croix. 15°Knight of the Sword [of the East] 16°Prince of Jerusalem. 17°Knight .
  4. (Sublime Knight Elect of the Twelve): This degree teaches sympathy. We should sympathetic to our brother masons and to all mankind as well. The apron is white, lined with black, with a .
  5. Sublime Knight or Sage Theosopher 78º. Grand Pontiff of the Thebiad 79º. Knight, or Sage of the Redoubtable Sada 80º. Sublime Elect of the Sanctuary of Mazias 81º. Intendent Regulator, or Patriarch of Memphis 82º. Grand Elect of the Temple of Midgard 83º. Sublime Elect of the Valley of Oddy 84º. Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds 85º.
  6. Order of Knight-Masons Elect Priests of the Universe THE ÉLUS COËNS Élus Coëns - Elect Priests (sometimes misspelled ‘Elus Cohens’ or ‘Kohens’, Elect Priests’), is a theurgical organisation founded by Martinès de Pasqually.
  7. 11° - Elu of the Twelve (Sublime Knight Elect of the Twelve) This degree teaches sympathy. our brother Freemasons and to all mankind as well. The apron of the 11th degree is white, lined with black, with a flaming heart in the center. The jewel being.
  8. Jul 22,  · Sublime Knight Elect from Sublime Knight Elect by James McKeown / Digital Track. Streaming + Download. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Purchasable with gift card Buy.
  9. The Grand Elect, Perfect, and Sublime Mason will in nowise deserve that honorable title, if he has not that strength, that will, that self-sustaining energy; that Faith, that feeds upon no earthly hope, nor ever thinks of victory, but, content in its own consummation, combats because it ought to combat, rejoicing fights, and still rejoicing falls.

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