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  1. Nov 18,  · Hey All I can Google this, but would prefer a recommendation. Ive got a few audio masters that are in 4 track cassette formats and want to transfer them to a wav file. I have a company near me that is doing stereo cassette transfers, but they dont have a 4 track player. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Oct 08,  · Cassette tapes are astoundingly cheap for music producers, making them an ideal medium from a margin perspective. They only cost about $ to produce, making them a really strong option for labels and artists. They’re also great for the consumer, because you can pick up a new cassette tape for about $10 instead of the $25 it costs for vinylAuthor: Christian Roemer.
  3. It sounds like you're prepared to do a lot of your own maintenance and things like changing a cassette is pretty trivial when the time comes. I mean, there are (several different) rules of thumb but there's no substitute for being able to check it empirically. – PeteH Oct 15 '13 at
  4. TAPE: 60 Minute Blank C Normal Bias Audio Cassette Tape BRICK: 10 pcs Packed in a clear Norelco Case with J-Card and two pieces for customizable stickers. COLOR: Groovy Metallic Gun Metal Chrome Housing with metallic ggun metal stickers and J-cardsReviews:
  5. Byron Statics Cassette Player FM Am Radio Walkman Portable Cassette Converter Automatic Stop System Protect Cassette Tape Mic Recorder 2 AA Battery or USB Power Supply Belt clip with Headphone, Teal out of 5 stars 1,Reviews:
  6. The reply is drowned out by the sound of you running down the corridor and you almost slam into a wall as you turn into another area of the hospital. A small administrative desk, housing one nurse busying herself at the computer. Waiting patiently at the other side of the desk is a child with their back turned to you, in a white patient's gown.
  7. May 31,  · Could be a slipping belt or bad capstan idler. These are rubber parts that age and wear. When the player detects that motion has stopped it shuts down so the tape doesn't spill out of the cassette.
  8. Caused by a loose tape, static electricity build-up or the wrong speed. Eject the tape from the cassette player, place the tape in the palm of your hand and rap it against a flat surface three (3) times. Re-insert the tape in the cassette player, rewind the tape for a minute, then stop. Fast forward the tape for a minute, then stop.
  9. The first cassette I purchased was Michael Jackson’s Bad, from a tiny store in a shopping complex in suburban Bombay (now Mumbai). This was towards the latter half of the s, when the.

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